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welcome to river of life

About us? Where will we start? I am reminded of a good friend who once made this comment after interacting with several of our people… For you it is ALL ABOUT GOD! Our definition would be this: “We are a people seeking to worship, honor and live for God; YHWH in spirit and truth. We want Him to be exalted above all!!!

We have been blessed by the Lord to see the fulfilment of years and years of prophecies starting to come into place. For many, many years we prayed over the globe as a church with the sole desire to see God (Yod-Hey-Waw-Hey) glorified globally and seeing people from every nation and culture to become His disciples. Currently we are connected across the globe. All praise to Jesus Anointed Son of God by Holy Spirit

where we connect1


We include these maps to show this. God started in “Nazareth – Kroonstad’ and invested in a group of people hungry for Him. People who believe ALL IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD. And yes, we have seen how He has worked miracles in our midst. Not only did something good come from Kroonstad but He has chosen to allow us to be connected and minister globally to prepare a Bride for Him. These maps just show His faithfulness. Outside of Mongolia and North Korea there is not a place where He has not connected us by His Spirit.

RIVER OF LIFE CHURCH IS THE MOTHER CHURCH. JESUS ANOINTED MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is the apostolic ministry arm of the church. REVELATION 22 GLOBAL CHURCH is in essence the manifestation of the ministry.

River of Life Church is situated in Kroonstad, Free State in South Africa. Currently, 20 June 2016, we have contacts globally (apart from Mongolia and North Korea), every state in the USA as well as every province in South Africa. Our purpose is to minister to the entire world, and are praying to also have contacts in North Korea and Mongolia. We recently affected 10 million people in a specific country. However, should we talk numbers we endanger ourselves in losing focus and also place focus on what is not the most important. We mention the numbers merely for a testimony of what God has done in, amongst and through us since Passover 2015, which was a solid turn around for us as a people. Therefore let me emphasize numbers are not the most important to God. His people is. Hence, this is our final mention of numbers. We desire to minister to each and every soul He gives us wherever they may be to ensure all come to a of understanding He is a good God with an immaculate plan and purpose for every individual.