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120 Points



  1. He is raising a new God-fearing generation, renewing and reforming Christianity as we know it.
  2. A generation who will unapologetically and with divine purity put God first: first not only in words or Christian jargon, but in every detail of their lives! It will be displayed in their lifestyles as GOD will become their lifestyle.
  3. God only, will be the PRIMARY focus of everything they attempt.
  4. The heartbeat of this generation will be God the Father; God the Son, Jesus Anointed One with His Anointing and God Holy Spirit.
  5. This generation will seek God with an outcry from their deepest of beings and it will not be lip service. Their daily devotion will be to SEEK HIM!!!
  6. It is a generation who will never be satisfied with anything less than the fullness of God; God the Father, God the Son and God Holy Spirit.
  7. This generation will sacrifice their whole beings: spirit, soul and body as a living sacrifice unto God, the Most High God.
  8. It is a generation whose honour will lay in the fact that they can be called servants of the Most High God and that they are in His service.
  9. This generation will direct ALL glory and also release it from their deepest beings unto God.
  10. It is a generation who will boldly understand and call on the NAME of the Lord as their highest HONOUR, authority and power.
  11. This NEW generation will only follow the directions and courses of God the Father, through His Son our Lord Jesus; and only by the direct guidance of Holy Spirit.



12. It is a generation who will resist all evil and flee from all humanistic ideas and ambitions because they will only pursue a God-given vision.

13. This generation will not be formed according to the mould of religious concepts and structures which were practised over the past millenniums.

14. It is a NEW generation who will seek their approval only in pleasing God the Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. They will completely refrain from seeking approval from men, societies, cultures, governments and even the church world.

15. The conception of this generation will be: EVERYTHING is because of God, for God, and primarily comes out of God. Their existence motto will be to do everything as unto God.

16. This generation will seek the presence of God and not the right church; being with the right group, having the right pastor or even having the best doctrine. They will disregard cultural heritage where flesh and demonic are at work. They will not call for people to satisfy or accommodate their beliefs. They will not look for entertainment or self-pleasure. They will ultimately be seeking God’s presence above all.

17. It is a generation who will truly discover God and procure His fullness and power.

18. This generation will be built on the foundation of the revelation knowledge from the Father that Jesus is the ANOINTED ONE.

19. It will be a generation built on the CORNERSTONE of the revelation of “Jesus is the Anointed Lord”, and that all born-again believers have free access to His anointing.

20. It is a generation who will learn to discern between the true godly anointing, a diabolic counterfeit or soul anointing backed with demonic power. They will have divine discernment in all spheres of life, especially secularly and in the church realm.



21. This generation will know that their mandate is Jesus and outside of ‘Jesus-alone’ they have no rights; not of existence or to minister, especially never outside of the Anointing of God.

22. This generation will know that they minister because of a God-given call that is based on His grace only and NOTHING else.

23. This generation will only be moved by the understanding of God’s grace and the End-Time INCREASE of this precious, divine God-given commodity.

24. It is a generation with a perfect holistic understanding of the importance of the anointing. They will minister and live in the fullness of the anointing through Jesus. They will have such reverence towards God for His anointing, and will reverently steer away from ever abusing it.

25. This generation will completely separate themselves (in their understanding of the anointing) in every aspect from cheap church jargon. They will have a divine revelation from God and will express great gratitude for His goodness.

26. It is a generation who will release the power of Jesus’ Blood in a fresh efficient dimension into the spirit realm. Its results in their daily living will be outstanding and astonishing.

27. It is a generation who will understand and live in the power of Jesus name. It will be a phenomenon that hasn’t been seen before on earth.



28. This generation will have Jesus as their hero, and they will honor Him, evidently making it known through their love for Him.

29. It is a generation who will have a fresh End-Time double portion Elijah / Elisha anointing. They are a generation where the hearts of the Fathers return to the sons, and the sons to the fathers, breaking the curse. Thus raising up fathers in the spirit.

30.A Generation who will understand the signs and happenings of times and who will be able to interpret the spiritual meaning of the things happening.

31.A Generation living and ministering in the ministry and gifts of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, complementing the triune economy, and balanced with the gifts of the Spirit.




32. A Generation who will focus and ensure that their focus stays on Jesus, and not on their failures, weaknesses, sins, past mistakes, church, church doctrine and beliefs, demonic frustrations, interferences or even distractions.

33. This new generation will open the doors of their hearts and of their congregations to the absolute full manifestation of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and of His deeper revelation to come.

34. A Generation who will have the understanding that ALL have access to the Father only through His Son, the Lord Jesus, by Holy Spirit. They have the understanding that all have access to Jesus and Holy Spirit. Hence the vision: Christ by Holy Spirit.

35. A Generation who will have a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit and have an unprecedented walk with Holy Spirit. They will have a new fear and respect for YHWH; collaborating with Him.

36. A Generation who will receive new heavenly revelation of the spirit realm with God-given abilities as how to effectively apply His wisdom into the heavenlies with eternal ramifications.

37. A Generation who will be open to receive new revelation based on a godly understanding of the time and season we are in, in God.

38. A Generation who will approach the Bible with a new and fresh understanding that the letter kills and that only the Spirit brings life.

39. A Generation who will receive tremendous revelation from God’s throne. It will be a new flood of End-Time revelation.

40. A Generation who will change old concepts, and replace that with new revelation and understanding, living with new knowledge given by God, and having godly wisdom in the application thereof.



41. A Generation who will give Holy Spirit pre-eminence in their lives and in their understanding of God’s Word. They will embrace both Logos and Rhema in their worship, prayer lives thus in their entire walk with God.

42. A Generation who will change their language; no more criticism, no more judgement, no more gossip, slander, backbiting or malicious talk. Word given by Holy Spirit will become their language.

43. A Generation who will daily submit to WISDOM (the Lord Jesus) and they will put God’s wisdom to practise with monumental understanding and revelation. Their wisdom will be indicative of the manifestation of the season of Jesus. A greater revelation, love and commitment towards the Lord Jesus is coming and will be ushered in by Holy Spirit.

44. A Generation who will cry out ‘Prepare ye the way’ for the return of the King: a combined call of a new generation and partnership with Holy Spirit, preparing and heralding the return of the King.

45. A Generation who will both be part of preparing and forming the Bride. The call of the Brides’ life is to live as Queen (Rulers) and be prepared by Holy Spirit, fully dependant on Him alone. A Generation filling their lamps with ENOUGH OIL (Anointing)

46. A Generation who will have a high level of commitment. It will be seen and known through their walk with Holy Spirit. They will know, and have a measure of Holy Spirit not known to all before. It will be an outpouring of Holy Spirit to fulfil God’s purposes.


47. A Generation whose ministry will only come as an outflow of their personal and living relationship with the Godhead.

48. A Generation who will treasure and understand the importance of a personal and individual relationship with God.

49. They will have a godly revelation of a personal relationship with God, and it will be a progressively growing relationship and not something stagnant and religious.

50. It is a generation who will move consistently, constantly and progressively, into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

51.A Generation who will transform their families, societies, church world and even the spirit realm because of their relationships with God.


52. A Generation who will understand the substance and value, thus imperative newness, in corporate worship within the borders of spirit and truth. Hence, in their pure love for God they will display a fresh End-Time worship discarding all forms of performance. Albeit a holistic abdication, pouring out their love unrestraint toward God.

53. A Generation who will build an altar for God through their worship. The ever-increasing levels of their praise and worship will overpower and overshadow any other altar in extreme measures.

54. A generation who will walk in the sweetness of God’s revelation so that everybody can worship Him, at all times, and in all circumstances. They will also know that worship is a lifestyle, a heart attitude and a love response in appreciation towards God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They will understand that worship exceeds by far the common laymen understanding of singing and attending Sunday and other church services.

55. A Generation cloaked with a mantle of absolute humility. It will not be a false humility or performance orientated, but it will be godly humility in its purest form. This will be a sign of their commitment to, and their love for God. It will be a true sign of what God has accomplished in and through their lives.


56. A Generation who will again learn the basic essence of a walk of faith and the justification of faith.

57. A Generation who will excel in their faith – walk, and who will increase in faith in proportions never seen before.

58. A Generation who will understand the full meaning of the cross of Jesus and live in its victory by FAITH.


59. A Generation who will embrace the FULLNESS of the finished work of Jesus on the cross in totality. This will result in a pure and continual focus on Jesus and not all the time on sin and evil. They will live with the revelation that, in Jesus, sin has been dealt with once and for all.

60. A Generation who will have a complete understanding of the ministry in the ‘finished work of Jesus’, opposed to some self achieved levels and standards of manmade ideologies and religious standards, even humanistic and demonic interpretations of biblical principles falsely understood as God given.

61. A Generation with godly determination to push on and persevere till the end, because of a heavenly determination and an all-out consuming realization of Jesus’ achievements on the cross of Calvary.


62. A Generation who will encourage and love one another and who will help one another to develop their gifts and talents in God.

63. A Generation who will assist one another in developing and establishing their destinies and will do this all because of Jesus.

64. A Generation who will lay down every form of jealousy and racism, and acknowledge and appreciate the value of every human being, even outside the church realm.

65. A Generation with a divine balance and priority in LOVING God FIRST and then a love for God’s people and the world.

66. A Generation who will not reverse, point 65, which is putting people and the things of God, before God. They will understand the ‘jealousy’ of God.

67. A generation who will be known for their love for God, manifesting in an intense relationship with Holy Spirit, which will create a deeper hunger for God. They will be consumed by the love they have for Him.


68. A generation established on the CORNERSTONE JESUS ANOINTED SON of God and built on the true God ordained Apostolic Prophetic office.

69. A Generation consisting of the complete functioning of the fivefold ministry – the unveiling of the fullness of the ministry of Jesus.

70. A Generation with true knowledge of the exact and detailed unadulterated CALL of God against a manmade system filled with human philosophies and religion.

71. A Generation who will be lead by true Apostolic leaders with a shepherd’s heart. They will usher in continuous restoration and reformation. There will be no stagnation whatsoever, but a constant flow of God’s guidance.

72. A Generation who will separate church and state and fulfil their godly calling and function in the proper perspective.

73. A Generation who will walk in new Apostolic AUTHORITY like it has never been seen outside of Jesus’ Ministry on earth.

74. A Generation who will embrace their call in God as their highest priority and mandate on earth, to bear eternal fruit.

75. A Generation who will pray with greater intensity and understanding of God’s timing and God’s CALL to PRAYER.

76. A Generation who will restore and introduce in purity the call of prayer. This generation will have a greater urgency to pray and will exhibit much greater commitment to prayer.

77. A Generation who will allow ‘God’s house’ to be a ‘House of Prayer’ again, individually as well as corporately.

78. A Generation who will be on their knees to pray, and through their prayers in God, governments, societies and a variety of countless situations and circumstances will be changed, even in the church world. This will result in a greater division between those who view church to be a religious institution and those who see it as a living organism.

79. A Generation praying in a new way and with a mighty force of Apostolic authority and prophetic revelation, baptised in a tremendous flow of God’s anointing.


80. A Generation entirely convicted that everybody can read, preach and understand the infallible Word of God, the Bible.

81. A Generation with an intense love and increasing appreciation for the Bible. They will have a far greater commitment in ‘being involved’ with the Word, thus reading, studying and meditating on it.

82. A Generation with a greater hunger after GOD’S WORD, the revelational understanding and PRACTICAL IMPLEMETATION.

83. A Generation who will allow the PURITY of God’s Word, the power and glory thereof, to flow and manifest in and through them.



84. A generation who will have a new understanding and concept of church and church life as well as an understanding of fathers, sons and children in the kingdom of God.

85. A Generation who will have a spiritual understanding, conviction and desire to have and see Jesus; the TRUE HEAD of His church. They will walk only in the acknowledgement of and submission to the Lordship of Jesus the Anointed One.

86. A Generation who will walk in unity orchestrated by Holy Spirit, not comprised by human agendas neither compromises to accommodate flesh and demons or any demonic devices.

87. A Generation who will cross the bridge of clergy and laity, age, race and gender groups.

88. It will be a generation who will have no earthly borders or divisions because of nationalities, race or cultural groupings, but they will have a living revelation that they are heavenly citizens and KINGDOM BEINGS. This will create a greater drawing to one another, even crossing previous walls of division.

89. A Generation who will give the call of God and His anointing prominence in its perspective; over and above favouritism in its diverse proportions. In other words: No more favouritism because of certain race groups, nationalities, church groupings, denominations, status and positions in life. It will create new ministry and church.

90. A Generation who will resuscitate the church world to the place God intended it to be. Take note that we are not saying that the Church will be perfect in all its aspects.

91. A Generation standing in the gap for the previous generations, in a sanctification and deliverance process, to become a bride without a spot or wrinkle.

92. This Generation can easily be called a ‘Saints movement’ because all divisions, barriers and limitations will be removed and it will truly be a Jesus Ministry encompassing an all inclusive involvement. The focus will not be on a particular group but on God’s agenda.

93. A Generation who will restore broken foundations and restore it all with new revelation from God’s throne. They will see the completion of the restoration process, and also live in it.

94. A Generation who will embrace with appreciation, the progress made by our predecessors with knowledge of God’s progressive revelation. However, they will not be bound by previous generations’ sins, weaknesses and demonic practices.


95. A Generation who will raise their children in a fresh, new, God-fearing, God-loving environment and who will live lives respecting God.

96. A Generation who will infiltrate every area and facet of life and who will do mighty exploits for their God. They will become a sweet smelling fragrance wherever they go and people will be drawn like magnets to Jesus in them.



97. A Generation who will live in the restoration of God’s mandate given to Adam. This mandate is to be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue and rule the earth and they will make DISCIPLES accordingly.

98. A Generation who will embrace the fullness of the restoration of the second Adam, Jesus our King.

99. A Generation receiving a new revelation in the making of disciples and the bringing in of the harvest. This will be done with greater commitment, sincerity, intensity and determination in God.

100. A Generation who will again build on the first principles of God as laid out in Hebrews 6:1, inevitably having an appreciation for God’s will and order.

101. A Generation baptised in the truth of God’s baptism; the fullness of the revelation of the true meaning, and the manifestation of God’s baptism.

102. A Generation with a fresh End-Time understanding of the land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews. A new revelation and God driven support in blessing Abraham and his descendants. Global manifestation of a separation of those nations blessing and those cursing them, will take place. An economical difference will be seen between those nations cursing and those blessing.


103. A Generation who will repent (change their minds and their views) to live ‘Kingdom of God first’ lives.

104. A Generation who will see the manifestation of God’s Kingdom, and an exceptional increase of Kingdom living not seen and found formerly.

105. A Generation with the ‘advances’ of God’s Kingdom as the goal of their lives on their minds


106. A Generation who will understand and discern the infiltration of ‘the spirit of this world’ in the church realm. They will resist this unwaveringly.

107. A Generation who will resist a religious spirit, exposing and breaking its power over them. A Generation who will expose the demonic realm and push all their forces back, especially the spirits of Lucifer, Leviathan, Jezebel and the Anti-Christ (Isis, Horus and Semiramus)

108. A Generation who will refuse any further infiltration of the demonic into the church world. They will even push back, and to a great extent abolish present occultic practices.

109. A Generation who will not allow human philosophy, human intimidation, occultic practices, especially witchcraft in its various forms, to intimidate and direct their vision and focus. They will be sensitive to resist and abhor all negative energy and negativity.

110. A Generation who will move in corporate authority, change times, and move and remove age-old strongholds. They will be taking back ground that has been lost over the past two millenniums.

111. A generation who will expose the satanic realm and hierarchy and effectively damage and cause satan’s kingdom to diminish.

112. A Generation with heavenly knowledge and conviction that God will make satan the footstool of Jesus, also crushing satan under their feet.

113. A Generation who will purpose in their hearts, like Daniel, not to defile themselves with the things of this world. God will be their guidance, not manmade standards polluted and defiled by earthly, sensual and demonic approvals or disapprovals. They will also not bow to earthly, sensual and demonic standards in the church.

114. A Generation who will take back everything that the devil stole from them over the ages, corporately and individually. Their words will change from negative to what God is saying in and through them and because of this they will be able to authoritatively claim back and receive.

115. A Generation who will confront the principalities, powers, rulers, authorities and wicked spirits of the air, conquering and overcoming them in totality. We believe this generation will overcome the ‘forces of hell’ in such a way, that when the final hour comes and the manifestation of the Anti-Christ, it will just be a mere formality to close the ages. This generation will overcome the demonic realm so much so, that only one angel, in Revelation 19, needing only ONE arm, to put them away in the pit for all eternity.

116. A Generation separating themselves from evil, fleshly, demonic alliances as gateways for satanic trafficking and infiltration and the breaking of ungodly bloodlines and covenants.

117. A Generation who will BURY Saul and his sons; which is the principle of pleasing people with selfish ambition. In God they will bring about the raising of a Davidic line (Kingly = Queens) in becoming God pleasers.

118. A generation with a bold unapologetically, unambiguous standing regarding God’s finances and wealth. God is their ONLY and ULTIMATE source, branching into diverse channels. As End-Time efficacious anointed stewards of God’s finances, they honour Him with their tithes and offerings.


119. A Generation who will minister God’s life (Jesus is the LIFE) through the new move of God’s Holy Spirit. I believe it will be called the Third Day Move. A Generation looking at the 1st Day as God’s way (Jesus the WAY) and the 2nd Day God’s Truth (Jesus is the TRUTH) but the 3rd Day will be a combination of Jesus the way, Jesus the truth, adding up as Jesus the LIFE. It will be a ‘SPIRIT AND BRIDE’ move. A Generation who will trumpet into the spirit realm: ‘come drink, come drink God’s LIFE, it is a RIVER OF LIFE.

120. A Generation to move in the final hour of this dispensation of God’s absolute grace manifested on earth. It is the gathering of the greatest harvest ever in the Kingdom of God. It will be End-Time Disciples and disciple-makers, those ready to meet their King. They are those who will usher in the coming of the Lord Jesus. The Lord is coming. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all. AMEN!!!

The above is a synopsis of what we call the 120 points nailed at the door of the Church. It is descriptive of a new generation influencing the spirit realm, the political domain, education, religious entities, the military and economical spheres. This will bring about a societal and global Church transformation.