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Deliverance declaration


I declare the Lord Jesus Christ the Anointed One with His anointing is my ONLY way, truth and life. He is my Savior and Lord through the indwelling Holy Spirit. I am a blood-washed born-again,
child of God, submitting to His Lordship as Holy, Transcendent, Sovereign, Superior & Supreme Almighty God.

I declare satan and the hordes of hell never had and will never have any hold over Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the Anointed One made an eternal, absolute spectacle of the satanic realm, disarmed and gloriously triumphed over them through the finished work of the Cross.

This Savior and Lord is mine and He, Jesus, gives me divine authority to overcome all the power of the enemy therefore demons submit according to Luke 10:19-20 to me in God. Thus, according to God Almighty NOTHING WILL harm me. The God of peace confirms and guarantees that He will crush satan under my feet and so IT IS IN JESUS NAME.

God gave me the power and authority to drive out all demons in Jesus Name; hence, by the mention of His Name and by the activation of Holy Spirit’s empowerment, all demons will be expelled. They will come from one way, and are obliged to flee in seven different directions. What they have occupied will now be a field of God’s presence and power. Therefore in Jesus Name, I declare and forbid that they, nor their seven worst partners, will return. The anointing will remove all demonic governments, lifts and destroys every yoke of slavery.

I belong to God, Spirit, Soul and Body – eternally as a result of His grace and power.

I unambiguously declare there is only
All the other so-called gods are fallen and corrupt demons, eternally damned in judgment by the MOST HIGH GOD.

I repent, spirit, soul and body on behalf of myself, my family, forefathers (blood guiltiness), church locally and globally, my local area, country, world concerning all sins, the present and throughout the history of mankind. I acknowledge my personal involvement and humbly ask forgiveness as I confess, I, we have sinned against God and His Word. God the omniscient be the judge of the magnitude, severity and intensity thereof. Hence, I renounce, relinquish and reject all evil knowledge of good and evil. I distantiate myself in God from the fruit of this tree, from all evil, demonic structure, spirit of this world, the world demonic system, secular and other forms of transference, control, manipulation, intimidation and dictation and domination in its subtlest, widest and fullest spectrum.

I walk in Jesus’ reversal of curses of the Garden of Eden and blood guiltiness, even ten generations ahead. I therefore declare God’s ETERNAL JUBILEE over my life, spirit, soul, body and God’s vision for my life. Thus, SIN is and shall never be my master.

I invite, ask and embrace God’s cleansing and healing from sins, deliverance from wounds and scars, stains, corruption, evil seduction, demonic venom and weapons, beats, rhythms, smells, voices, contact points and dedication, all evil seed, hexes, vexes, evil spells, thaumaturgy, omens, media related transference, visual, printed and audio incantations, fields and energy related formation, spheres and their forces. I GIVE ALL ENTRY POINTS OF TRAUMA to God, thus close them all as legal entrances for subtle demonic abuse.

I therefore bind in Jesus Name the strongmen in the demonic sphere and celestial aerial, aquatic, terrestrial and sub-terranean. I bind in Jesus Name all principalities, authorities, powers, and wicked spirits in the heavenly places. I bind the following strongmen of divination: death, pride (arrogance), envy, religion (idolatry and whoredoms), sickness, seduction, anti-christ, mammon, lies and falsehood, perversity, fear, familiar spirits, jealousy, heaviness, infirmity, dumb and death spirit, bondage and error. Notwithsatnding the above in particular also Leviathan and Jezebel.

I declare myself completely and wholly delivered and proclaim I am a new creature in God. My body is a temple of Holy Spirit. My mind is taken captive into obedience of Christ. The blood, water and spirit are my testimonies in heaven and on earth. I renounce and in Jesus Name sever myself, family, ministry from demonic, occult, sectarian, satanic practices, their altars, priesthood, demonic anointing, calling, rankings, contracts, covenants and agreements and any form of seductive, secular, humanistic alliances; the cancellation of all satanic inspired, fleshly words, witchcraft and prophecies of any form of divination: words spoken by myself, family, friends, relatives, church-related and others. The extinction of all muti and any other form of ritualistic approach in eating from satan’s table and the nullification of its efficacy. I renounce in Jesus Name, all religion: all idolatry, demonic scientific priesthood, secular, humanistic demonic anointing and priesthood thus demonic concepts and contexts, therefore all false beliefs and doctrines, as well as the complete removal of all negative energy.

In Jesus Name, I prophesy with immediate effect the end of these demonic altars, all marks, hooks, chains thereof and the removal of my name from individual and corporate demonic altars and related sacrifices. All these altars are to be destroyed altogether. I remove in the spirit all footprints related to sinful activities, all agreements and alliances, all energy, time and space invested. I remove my breath from these occurrences. I ask and pronounce complete deliverance, restoration, cleansing and protection in the following areas as I ask forgiveness hence renounce all demonic connotations. The areas of clothing, shoes, body, eyes, ears, dances, music, eating habits, health, words, mind (brain), emotions (heart), sexuality, spirituality (condition), finances, bloodlines, curses, marriages (family) possessions, relationships, sins, time – space – energy. God be the judge and revealer of all hidden aspects and relevancies regarding the above.

I pray, ask and declare, the destruction and God’s final judgment on demonic fields and activation, spheres and spiritual forces, the end to the chreodes and codification, its memory and thus reproductive cycle, structure, organization and formational processes and mutations. I speak God’s demolition of the above.

Holy Spirit will restore the image of God in me, my family, church and ministry, His church locally and globally my local area and workplace. Thanks be to God who gives me the victory in and through Christ Jesus my Lord. I drive out in Jesus name all demonic (by name); therefore end all fields, patterns, programmes, reproduction, cycles and seasons and evil inclinations.

Go in Jesus Name never to return!
I expel all negative and evil fields, spheres and energy and their appropriate structures. I cancel all reproductive cycles and organization thereof and erase with Jesus Blood the evil memory in context of spirit, soul and body that originates from heavenly places. Therefore all contamination are erased and stopped. I renew my mind /heart with the Logos Word of God and the indwelling Holy Spirit, according to the image of God, the Anointed One with His anointing.

I announce the Kingdom of God to come upon me. Fill me with Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus. Restore the image of Christ, of the invisible God in me as field, sphere and force in every detail of my life.

To God be all the glory!!!

Individual areas to be dealt with
Separately, in context of the
above declaration.