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Call to GO!

God’s command to every born-again believer could not have been clearer: “Go and make disciples!” It is a command and not an option. We were not given liberty to change disciple-making into church ember-collection. However this has become the d-dilemma of the church. God’s children D-oubted His command of ‘D-sciple-making’ and exchanged it for the comfier approach. Compared with the Disciple-making church of Acts, the modern day church is in desperate need of change. It needs to be the kind of change that will bring back the principles and heart of God regarding this; people who will seek to efficiently yet practically ‘make disciples’, extending His Kingdom and glorifying Him.

The model plan the Lord gave us is the ‘New Jerusalem Model’. It is a symbolic representation of 12 Gates, correlating with the book of Nehemiah 3 and Revelation 21. The purpose: transformation to the:

        • image of CHRIST
        • and rule of CHRIST.    

Guidelines to Discipleship


The guidelines we use for Discipleship are primarily based on one of the courses

of Yadah-Elyon and elaborate on the key principles and functioning of David

and Jonathan relationships. Yadah-Elyon’s manuals concentrate not only on one but

on the different spiritual maturity levels of children, sons and fathers. Thus

Discipleship is one of the main focal points of the ministry. We adhere to the

following David and Jonathan principle, which in essence centers around:

(a) Altruistic love of God,

(b) Giving that is categoric (not modified or restricted in any way).

The above-mentioned is part of the five principles: GOD, Giving, Covenant,

Leadership and Love. Holy Spirit will guide all future development of the

strategy which is bound to occur.


Major emphasis is aimed towards reconstructive development in the form of

counseling. We therefore do intensive training in this area and focus on

individual marriage and trauma counseling. Counseling is a major tool in