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The purpose of this manual is to present a brief yet clear and easily understandable outlay and explanation of River of Life Church, Jesus Anointed Ministries International; and Revelation 22 Global Church. We will highlight specific keywords which will aid in understanding all the concepts and aspects of ministry we discuss.

River of Life (ROL) is the home, or differently called the ‘Mother-church,’ for Jesus Anointed Ministries International (JAMI) and God’s vision for the ministry. Therefore, it is also the base-camp for the effluence of JAMI diverse ministry. JAMI encompasses various types of ministry:

Revelation 22 Global Church (Rev 22)

River of Life Church (ROL) is the unveiling (foundation and transformation) first fruit of the vision corresponding to the Jerusalem Church in Acts. Jesus Anointed Ministries International (JAMI), is the seed of the vision, hence the apostolic arm portraying the ‘sending’ of all involved. The purpose of Revelation 22 Global church is to go, make and train disciples by being true Disciples of Christ and not of doctrines, churches or ministries. Therefore Revelation 22 is the manifestation of the vision of God.

• New Perspective Theology

This is a new End-Time Theology. This theology addresses the three dimensional reality: spirit, soul and body, which God has created in us, and focuses on spirit and natural realm truth. New Perspective Theology does not exclude previous or even current doctrines all together, but with the guidance of Holy Spirit, abstracts God’s truth from previous doctrines and combines it with the revelation we have received from God, revealed through His Word.

• Yadah-Elyon Bible Course

This is the practical arm in equipping the saints and is part of
Perspective Theology. It is a Biblical course written mostly in laymen’s
terms with the purpose of accommodating every gender, and / or
intellectual dimension. The aim is to globally execute complete restoration
of the image of Jesus Christ the Anointed One in the lives of individuals
and churches, with no limitation to the spectrum of people progressed to.
The focus is on transformation and application in practical living,
eradicating the tendency of malfunctioning biblical knowledge. The outcome
of the course must lead to an active, continual, and personal relationship
with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, serving and loving Him as
true disciples. This is in process of development.




River of Life Church:

3• Vision: Christ Jesus by Holy Spirit
• Mission: To follow Jesus
To know Jesus
To become like Jesus and
To give God all the glory

• Purpose: Building a spiritual lighthouse where God’s
River of Life will flow in extreme abundance



4o Vision: Christ Jesus by Holy Spirit
o Mission: Equipping and preparing the Bride
Building a spiritual house for God
o Purpose: Equipping and preparing the Bride




5o Vision: Christ Jesus by Holy Spirit
o Mission: Globally making disciples of Jesus Christ by Holy Spirit
o Purpose: Being the spiritual house of God, manifesting godly fruit



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