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Bride of Jesus Anointed One


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The Lord spoke to Moses about the building of the tabernacle, and gave him a specific command: “Moses, BUILD, but build it precisely as I tell you to, because it is an exact REPLICA of what is in HEAVEN.”

We, at River of Life, want to BUILD a spiritual house for Him! We believe that God has given us A CLEAR WORD to build, according to the examples given in Nehemiah and Revelation 21. It is all about the RESTORATION & REPARATION of the:
• GATES In the Old Testament it was a physical
• FOUNDATIONS building, but in the New Testament it
• TOWERS OF JERUSALEM is a spiritual building.

We want to build a NEW JERUSALEM MODEL according to Nehemiah and Revelation 21. We believe that this is a prophetic action for the New Jerusalem that is still to come. This is a SPIRITUAL MODEL.
The success of every house that is built depends on the foundation that was laid. In this New Jerusalem Model the absolute focus is the foundation – JESUS CHRIST. We trust that through Holy Spirit this will not only be talk & theory but
This will only be made possible by having a relationship with Holy Spirit.

Why Holy Spirit?
Holy Spirit REVEALS and
Jesus says: “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father!”
We will get to know the Trinity through our relationship with Holy Spirit. Through this relationship, everything that we build is automatically built on Christ.
This New Jerusalem Model is based on:

1. Firm Foundation (Jesus Christ) – Nehemiah
2. Walls (Jesus Christ builds) – Zechariah 4:6
3. Gates (Jesus Christ comes in) – Psalm 24
4. King on the throne (Jesus Christ) – Revelation
King of Kings
All activities are arranged through the King (ministry of Jesus Christ)
– Ephesians 4:11
In other words the whole model is CHRIST
through His Holy Spirit!
There are 12 gates, which represent the GOVERNMENT of God. These 12 gates represent different parts, aspects and focus points of the five-fold ministry. We want to live the five-fold ministry, not only because God commands us to, but also because they are the gifts of Christ to the Church. God commands us in Ephesians 4:3 to walk WORTHY of our calling. In other words, you must know where you FIT IN! God says that we are all unique, and that there is diversity of gifts, therefore He created all the different ministries or gates.
You can clearly see that the FOCUS is Jesus Christ! Everybody has a CALLING (in the five-fold):
a. Which differs from THAT OF OTHERS
b. Is UNIQUE (According to your personality)
Therefore the focus is Christ Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, and not a program.

This model gives you:
1. Focus – Jesus Christ
2. Guidance – Holy Spirit
3. Participant – You!
Within this framework you can be your unique self, under the guidance of Holy Spirit, with a VISION (Model) within a family framework (WALLS) as a TEAM (Gates) and to do a work that is Kingdom-orientated.

He will take care of the rest!



The purpose of this schematic representation is to make the New Jerusalem more understandable. The New Jerusalem Model is a lifestyle; it focuses on the fivefold call of God on every person’s life. It has heterogeneous and homogenous groups – people with the same , and different kind of calling and working together for a unified purpose.j1j2