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Step 1: Identifying pastors

These will be people, convicted that they are called by God as Pastors, who will PARTNER with us. These individuals will be willing to be trained and under our supervision plant a church.

Step 2: 12 Month training

These pastors will be trained for 12 months in the following courses we present:

  • Anointing Course
  • First Principles
  • Matthew 28 – Making disciples.

Step 3: Pastors present group training

After complettion of the above the pastoral candidate will do the above courses in a group setting of at least 12 people. These will be seen as disciples.

Step 4: Revelation 22 Global Church initiation

Should this group feel lead to gather as a church it will be planted under the banner of Revelation 22 Global Church. We will assist them in accomplishing this through pastoral, leadership and discipleship training. We will work together as partners.

Step 5: Pastors present group training

Revelation 22 Global Church will present the mandate model with which River of Life Church functions. This is however a guideline of the borders which the churches can function in but is not a set in stone programme or method. Every Pastor should take individual responsibility and creativity to follow guidance of Holy Spirit for the specific church. Leadership of Jesus Anointed Ministries will have apostolic oversight over these churches.